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Salesforce Quick Start Onboarding Packages - Quick Strat

Quick Strat


Unlimited Salesforce tasks for a fixed monthly fee…

No contract. Cancel any time. 14-Day Risk Free Guarantee.

Take back control of your Automations

For NEW and existing Salesforce users Globally 24/7
Join over 500 companies by letting our team of certified experts squeeze all the value
from your HubSpot investment. Transparent, professional assistance!

Salesforce Accelerated Onboarding

Ideal for brand new HubSpot users who want to avoid pitfalls. All Hubs. All features. All experts.

150+ Ready-to-go Template Library

Choose from a selection of HubSpot template designs to speed up your delivery

Pre-tested Automation Workflows

Get what you need done better faster and cheaper with our team of experts. 

How to squeeze Salesforce!

To “grow better with HubSpot”, it has to be set up right and used right!


Join these companies and grow better
.... faster

Schedule Your LIVE 1:1 Demo

See how to Squeeze all the value from Salesforce whilst avoiding the frustration of working with freelancers and the cost of agencies.

Live on the demo, you’ll see:

  • Exactly how your immediate needs get delivered

  • How we Unlock Salesforce’s Full Potential for 500+ companies

  • if you’ve hit the roadblock that we see 4 out of 5 users get stuck in when setting up Salesforce!


How It Works

You submit a task

Request as many Salesforce tasks as you’d like and our in-house experts will validate each one. 

You see your progress

Login to your Quickstart Portal to see progress on your tasks and manage your task queue every day.

You get what you asked for

Your task is delivered to you on time, for you to close and move on to the next, or request revisions. 

We suggest your next task

Not sure what you should do next? Don’t worry – we will guide you to your next high impact Salesforce task. 


Examples of what you can do using QuickStrat...

Salesforce only works for you when it’s set up right, and you’re using all its features…

Marketing Cloud

Get onboarded to Marketing Cloud and create customer journeys.

Sales Cloud Onboarding

Get onboarded to Sales Cloud and start turning leads into customers. 

Service Cloud

Get onboarded to Service Cloud and start converting customers into promoters.


Customize your Accelerated Onboarding by selecting the Cloud you want to focus on. 


Get Re-Onboarded to your Salesforce CRM and see where the gaps are preventing you from growing. 


For users new to existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Service and Sales Cloud instances. 

Commerce Cloud

Accelerated Onboarding on Commerce Cloud to start with your E-Commerce Sales.

Email Templates

Email templates for Sales, Service, E-Commerce Use cases created specifically for you.

Email Campaigns

Launch email marketing campaigns with fully optimized email templates.


Use tried and tested workflows to automate your business processes.


Reporting Dashboards Track your progress and ROI with recommended and custom Reporting Dashboards.

Lead Scoring

Track and sort your leads with recommended or custom automation.


Ready-to-go Template Library

Nr 1 in the World

Out of a total 5,843 Solutions Partners in the official Salesforce Partner Directory, by choosing the Award-winning QuickStrat Service, you’ll be working with the TOP RANKED Partner in the Lower Priced Category – anywhere in the world!


Speed without compromising Quality

Choose to work with a top tier “Elite” HubSpot Solutions Provider, ranked Nr 1 in the
world at the low-priced range.


We respect Salesforce’s Brand Guidelines. So here’s a disclaimer so you’re super-clear who you’re working with… QuickStrat is an independently developed service offering by Shoppoz Enterprises and has not been endorsed or verified by Salesforce, Inc. shall have no liability whatsoever in respect of the QuickStrat service.


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