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A Sales Process: An Organized Method for Accelerating Sales Closure

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What is a Sales Process?

Today, sales is a booming career where you not only end up making good money, but it can also keep the fun alive at work because sales never get mundane. There is a need to always keep updating yourself and learning new things can make it all the more interesting. As a sales executive, you also have flexibility available, yes. However, it is essential to have a structured process to ensure things are hassle-free at your end. Today, we tell you what is a sales process and what are the vital steps involved. Read ahead!

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Sales Process And The Steps Involved 

Sales Process And The Steps Involved 

When we talk about sales processes, it is nothing but a set of steps that you can repeat in every transaction to take the interested consumer from the stage of awareness to a done deal. Let’s take a look at all the steps involved in a typical sales process. 

  • Prospecting 

This is always the first step of any sales process. Here, you determine and evaluate a potential client who is in need of your services and can also afford the same. The first step is absolutely essential for any service, product, or commodity and it sets things in motion. Sales reps also use it to expand their potential consumer base.

  • Preparation 

Step number two is to have a robust preparation before you approach your consumer. Whether it is via email, call, or a face-to-face meeting, you must collect all the relevant data. Make sure you also hone your sales presentation skills. Even if your product or service is top-notch, conveying it well becomes essential.  

  • Approach 

Here is the tricky part. You must make the first approach and connect with the client. There are a few things you can do to make the experience memorable. For instance, you can present a potential client with a gift as you meet them or you can send a sample product for review. These things make a strong impact. 

  • Presentation 

You are well prepared. You have compiled all the data together. But here, the most important thing is to ensure you present your product or service to your consumer, in a way that will truly connect with them. Maybe you have an opportunity to do it face-to-face or you have to do it via phone. Whatever the means are, be confident and thorough in your presentation. Once done, listen actively to what the consumer has to say and respond accordingly. 

  • Handling Objections

Did you know? Almost 44% of sales executives abandon the process just after one rejection while 22% quit after three and 14% and 12% drop out after being rejected the third and fourth time, respectively. Remember to opt for at least five follow-ups before you abandon the clients. And also make sure you hear their concerns and address them well to move forward seamlessly. 

  • Closing 

This is the stage where your client will make a decision. So, as per your business, try a closing technique that can suit you well. For instance, you can ask, if you will be paying the whole fee upfront or do you want monthly installments. You can also offer an incentive to ensure the client says yes to your deal. 

  • Follow Up

Once the deal is closed, follow up with the client to see if everything was as per their needs and requirements. This is a great practice for repeat business. 

These were the main sales processes that can help you achieve success on your first try. But if you want to know about them in detail, you can always get in touch with us at 

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