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Einstein Discovery Quick Start Package
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Einstein Discovery Quick Start Package

$ 5500

Timeline: Approximately 2-3 Weeks

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Einstein Discovery Quick Start Implementation

Forge ahead with Einstein Discovery in as early as 4 weeks of quick implementation. It supports intelligent predictions taking the business to the next level. The Admin can define case scenarios based on exiting data flows, understand data setup, and draw patterns. They list the predictive model insights on the QuickStrat dashboard. The dashboard QuickStrat may or may not be Salesforce, team QuickStrat can help wrap up and deploy the connectors and the required Lightning components, extensions, accelerators, and the Salesforce objects.

QuickStrat senior business analysts and Einstein developers build model tests, integrate live data, with Einstein Prediction patterns, and so much to boosts “Opportunity Win Rates” and more. With Einstein Discovery alone one can predict the propensity of one’s customer to buy it. Get recommendations on the integrated dashboard QuickStrat. The most preferred AI-powered predictions to drive the business forward.

Einstein Discovery is an AI-powered analytics suite that helps leaders discover and build sophisticated data models that draw relevant patterns on real-time actions. Users of Einstein Discovery find insights and explain patterns across millions of rows of data in minutes, including those spanning interactions of inputs. Business leaders with the discovery version can understand what happened, why it happened, supported by calculated data. Swiftly, sift through loads of data to concur on accurate calculations and forecasts.

What is included ?

  Define Use Case Scenarios

  Salesforce Dataset Setup

  Story Creation (Data Patterns)

  Deploy Model on Salesforce Objects

  Lightning Components

Predictive Models & (Insights)



Our Approach

Step 1


Discovery & Design

Step 2


Build, Internal QA

Step 3


Training, UAT

Step 4


Production Go-LIVE

Step 5


Build, Internal QA

Einstein Discovery Quick Start Benefits

Why QuickStrat for Einstein Discovery?

QuickStrat Solutions is a leading Salesforce Crest Partner. Analytics and BI team at QuickStrat has covered more than 100+ engagements for almost two decades. Clients’ business strategy, road map, architecture review, business health check assessments and so much more has been the strength of team QuickStrat. Salesforce certified developers in QuickStrat consult on cloud strategy for analytics, content, BI & Data governance, master data management, build Center Of Excellence (COE) and so much more.

QuickStrat Solutions is a pioneer Einstein Discovery Managed Services Provider with a focus on digital transformation. Developers in QuickStrat use the Quick Start implementation to light up EA Dashboards and the EA Discovery for every client. It all starts with understanding the exact requirement of the client during discovery calls and meetings. Then the end-to-end Implementation plan timeline and details are shared with security ties between objects & data and report migrations. Data flows need to be monitored from time to time between set up and deployment by QuickStrat developers. Reach out today to know more.

Advanced Implementation (Out of Scope for Quick Start)

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Help businesses make informed decisions faster by transforming data into actionable insights.

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Einstein Discovery Quick Start Implementation

Forge ahead with Einstein Discovery in as early as 4 weeks of quick implementation. It supports intelligent predictions taking the business to the next level.