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Pricing - Quick Strat

Quick Strat


Accelerated Re-onboarding

Achieve what you bought Salesforce for in the first place – Ideal for existing
HubSpot users. If Salesforce is not optimized for all the new features, this data-driven booster clarifies what you have already, where you want to get to and provides you with a triaged list of high-impact action items to keep your campaigns focused.

‍All Clouds. All features. All experts.

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Anything in your Salesforce that your License permits

Anything and everything in Salesforce Cloud done-for-you.


$690 month. No Contract.


$1,490 month. No Contract.


$2,490 month. No Contract.

HubSnacks Features

Active Tasks - Any Hub

1 at a time

3 at a time

9 at a time

Task Requests in Queue




Task Revisions




Exclusive Template Library (150+)

App Connects

SEO Report & Fix List

Pre-tested Automation Recipes



Impact Coaching Call (monthly)

Custom Growth Plan (3rd month)

Pro-active Tasks (incl. SEO Fixes)

API Integration

Request Quote

Web Site Migration

Request Quote


Request Quote

GDPR (Global)

Request Quote

CRM & Sales Hub - anything in HubSpot's CRM & Sales Hub. For example...

Create & Edit Custom Properties

Create & Edit Custom Views

Set Up Target Accounts (ABM)

CRM Import & Export

List Creation & Management

Sales - Automation Sequences

Sales - Deals Pipeline

Sales - Task Automations

Sales - Document Filing Structure

Sales - Quote Tool Set Up

Sales - Deals Pipeline Set Up

Sales - Product Library Set Up

Sales - Reports & Dashboard

Conversations - Chatflows (bot)

Conversations - Snippets

Conversations - Templates

Custom Objects

Marketing Hub - anything in HubSpot's Marketing Hub. For example...

Our Theme & Template Library

Choose from 150+

Choose from 150+

Choose from 150+

Lead Nurture Workflows

System Automation Workflows

Email - Build, Populate & Send

Site Pages - Build & Populate

Landing Pages - Build & Populate

Pillar Pages - Build & Populate

Blog - Build & Populate

Lead Capture - CTA & Forms

Planning - Calendar & Projects

Strategy - Campaign & SEO Tools

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Image resizing tool in HubSpot

Page Speed Test & Fix-List


Request Quote

Manage Paid Ads Campaigns

Content Writing

Graphic Design

Service Hub - anything in HubSpot's Service Hub. For example...

Import Service Data

Service Dashboard Set Up

Service Bots - Configure

Service Automation Sequences

Customer Feedback Tools

Knowledge Base - Build / Populate

Ticket Pipeline Creation

Service Automation Workflows

Service Reports & Dashboard

CMS Hub - anything in HubSpot's CMS Hub. For example...

Service Reports & Dashboard

Page Load Speed Test & Fix

Smart Content Configuration

Page Building

CDN & Domain Configuration

Site Staging

HubDB Page Integration

A/B Split Testing Configuration

A/B Split Testing Management

Page Content (Graphic or Text)

Included in plans

Plans include the following:

Regular scheduled one-on-one calls

All calls included with your package will be with your personal Salesforce Expert.

Transparent at every step

Full history of all tasks submitted, communication and work completed available to you 24/7.

Always Experts doing your work

All agents working on your tasks are Salesforce Experts and are all fully Salesforce Certified in their specialist area.

Fully guided & done-for-you

All work carried out for you is done in your Salesforce Portal using appropriate Salesforce features & functionality for easy maintenance going forward.


QuickStrat is a multi-award winning Salesforce Registered Conulting Partner squeezing every drop of value out of Salesforce for 200+ global customers.

The Alt’ Salesforce Agency

The true alternative to both long-term Agency retainers and the pain and difficulty inherent in managing freelancers, QuickStrat offer a no-contract, cancel at any time commercial model with a range of month-to-month subscription plans suited to all budgets and speed-to-market requirements.

Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner


QuickStrat is newly selected Consulting Partners for the lowest budget category. See here.

There are thousands of HubSpot Partners around the world on hand to offer expert marketing services to you. Choosing the right one for your needs can be tricky but by working with QuickStrat you will be safe in the knowledge that you are working with the only Alt’ Salesforce Agency and the best value Salesforce Partner Globally.

Dedicated Team

A US Based LLC Company with a global team of over 25 staff in 3 locations around the world.  All employees work for QuickStrat meaning we don’t offshore our work to other freelancers or agencies.

As a Salesforce Consultant Partner, we hold over 25 Salesforce Certifications across our global staff base. Our team is committed to our own professional development so we can be at the top of our game for our customers.

The Salesforce Certifications we hold include:

  • HubSpot Solutions Partner
  • CMS Implementation
  • HubSpot CMS For Marketers
  • Client Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Contextual Marketing
  • Delivering Sales Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Frictionless Sales
  • Growth-Driven Design Agency
  • Growth-Driven Design
What’s the right HubSnacks Plan for me?

HubSnacks offer four levels of month-to-month subscription Plans to allow Companies to target immediate and ongoing operational improvements to your HubSpot Portal so you can choose the plan that best meets your speed to market and budget requirements.

Standard HubSnacks Plans

  • Snacks: For HubSpot users who want to gain access to all the core services of HubSnacks including an initial ‘Kick Start Call’ with a HubSpot expert, and who have a small number of key projects/tasks each month you want to complete.  
  • Snacks+: Our most popular plan for HubSpot users who want to squeeze all the value out of HubSpot by gaining access to a range of HubSnacks recipes and who have an average number of projects/tasks each month you want to complete.
  • Concierge: For HubSpot users who want to squeeze all the value out of HubSpot at speed with a dedicated HubSpot expert to help you achieve your goals.

To find out more or to order a Standard HubSnacks Plan visit our pricing page here.

HubSpot Accelerated Onboarding

Avoid painful false starts while squeezing the most from HubSpot with a HubSnacks Accelerated Onboarding pack.

Ideal for brand new HubSpot users who want to avoid the common pitfalls experienced when installing the HubSpot solution for your business. You’ll get what you need to be done better, faster, and cheaper with our team of experts, using a playbook PROVEN for hundreds of customers.

Are You A HubSpot Agency or Have HubSpot Customers?

All HubSnacks Plans are for HubSpot End-users only.

You have two full weeks to use HubSnacks, get your HubSpot task completed, and love us. Otherwise, you can get a 100% refund, no hard feelings whatsoever. All you need to do is cancel your account within 14 days of signing up via your billing account and let us know through your HubSnacks platform that you would like a refund.

Once you have chosen your Plan and completed the check-out process, you will be sent a series of emails providing access to your HubSnacks Platform and HubSnacks Billing Account. Other emails will then follow requesting access to your HubSpot portal and offering an invite to an Initial One-to-One Kick-Off Call with a HubSpot Expert.

As soon as you sign up, however, you will be able to start crushing your days within hours by submitting your first tasks!

Standard HubSnacks Plans

You can upgrade or downgrade between our Plans at any time through your HubSnacks Billing Platform.

  • Upgrades are applied immediately so you can take advantage of the additional elements contained within your new Plan tier.
  • Downgrades are applied at the next billing cycle so that you do not miss out on the throughput of the Plan in place at the start of your billing cycle.

All upgrades and downgrades are managed through your Billing Platform which will automatically show you the commercial impact of each before you confirm the change.


You can cancel at any time, provided you are paid up to date. Then once cancelled, your subscription will finish at the end of the current billing cycle.

You can cancel any time through your billing account before the next billing period.

If you cancel, then change your mind before the end of the current billing cycle, you can also easily resubscribe.

HubSnacks supports any HubSpot users in any country.

At this time, we only support English language requests and communication. While our Head Quarters are in the UK, our team is located from USA, South Africa to the Philippines.

All communication is handled via our Customer Support platform and email so time zones are not a limitation.

HubSnacks can do absolutely anything in HubSpot. All HubSpot products included: HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub.
Do you need to create a workflow, build a report or dashboard, send a marketing email, design a landing page, website page, SEO, create a Bot (Chatflows), pop up form, blog template, pillar page email template or publish a blog post? Trust a HubSpot Diamond Partner with your tasks by sending them to HubSnacks.
With a HubSnacks monthly plan, you can request as many HubSpot tasks as you’d like and our in-house HubSpot experts (HubSpot Implementation, HubSpot Design and HubSpot Developer specialists) will validate the task and then work on the HubSpot task requests in your queue every business day.
You are only limited in what you can do with HubSpot and, if you are not sure, you just need to ask us within the HubSnacks platform. Here are some examples of what you could send us each month:
  • Choose a template from the more than 130 design prototypes available in the SnackBar
  • Build a template based on your designs for COS Websites, Pillar Pages, Email, Landing Pages
  • Modify templates based on your designs for COS Websites, Email, Landing Pages
  • Make HubSpot forms, CTAs & Pop Up Form look great on your site
  • Add CTAs and HubSpot forms to WordPress sites
  • Migrate blog posts from WordPress to HubSpot
  • Check that your analytics are set up correctly
  • Set up dashboards and reports
  • Email loads and configuration (newsletters, automation emails, sequences)
  • Setting up Active and Static lists
  • Publish blog posts and ensure SEO is correctly set up
  • General configuration of HubSpot settings
  • Resize and overlay text on images for banners in HubSpot templates
  • Set up campaign workflows based on your design
  • Build out Knowledgebase
  • Adding customized fields to property settings (Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets)
  • Publish and maximize social sharing of posts in HubSpot and get it tracked correctly
  • Advanced “social listening” reports of your brand & competition
  • Add SEO metadata and optimize blogs
  • Group and organize lists, organize the file manager and templates
If that’s not enough, send us a message here or via chat with the sort of tasks causing you pain, and we’ll let you know if we’ll remove it as part of the service. There is a lot more included as well so check out the details in the pricing table.

HubSpot Tasks are submitted through your HubSnacks Platform in a number of ways including:

  • Selecting from over 130 HubSpot Template Designs available in our SnackBar
  • Following the intuitive ‘Submit A Task’ user interface
  • or, for Concierge and Snacks+ Plan users, by ordering a complete ‘use-case Task’ available as a HubSnacks Recipe.

You can grant unlimited internal employees and third-party partner ‘users’ access to your Platform to submit and manage Tasks.

You can submit as many Tasks as you wish during your subscription. Every Task you submit is validated with an estimated number of business days turnaround provided. You can then choose which tasks you want us to actively work on.

The only limitation is the number of open active Tasks being worked on concurrently based on the subscription Plan you have signed up for however, as these are worked on by fully certified HubSpot users, Tasks are completed accurately and in a fraction of the time it takes a casual user.

  • Snacks: 1 Open Active Task at a time (e.g if every task was 1 day you could potentially get 20 tasks done – assuming 20 business days in a month)
  • Snacks+: 3 Open Active Tasks at a time
  • Concierge: 7 Open Active Tasks at a time

An Open Active Task is a HubSpot Task that has been submitted by a User and accepted by our system.

Each new Task runs through an initial Triage process with each subsequent progressive stage in the completion of the Task clearly marked within your HubSnacks Platform so you always know what stage your Task has reached.

All Tasks submitted to your HubSnacks Platform are reviewed and an estimated delivery time is provided once the Task is accepted.

How fast your task is completed depends on four main factors:

1. How long you have been a HubSnacks customer as every HubSpot portal is different and sometimes in the early days we need to understand your HubSpot setup and any previous work that has been completed by other third parties.
2. How many active requests you currently have in your queue (we may estimate 1 working day however we may be already be working on your full allowance of active tasks based on the Plan you have subscribed to).
3. The complexity of your request and the clarity of the instructions.
4. If you decide to make changes or modifications to the original task definition after it has been accepted this may alter the original delivery time estimate.

The sooner you get signed up, the sooner we can get to work!

Every client is different in their requests and their ability to explain what they need so it’s impossible for us to quote timelines before we have full access to your HubSpot portal and receiving your task request.

The best bet is to sign up for our service, test us out and see if we’re the right fit for you!

HubSnacks offer a number of ways to get a HubSpot Template built including :

  1. Ordering from a range of pre-designed prototypes available in our SnackBar
  2. Submitting a Task through our intuitive ‘Submit A Task’ User Interface.
  3. By submitting a range of accepted design file types. Accepted files that go straight to development include FIGMA, Adobe XD and Sketch.

Modifications to a HubSpot Template ordered through the SnackBar can be requested using the ‘Submit A Task’ feature in your HubSnacks Platform once the existing design has been delivered to your HubSpot Portal.

If you would like modifications made to an existing HubSpot Template you already have or that you bought somewhere else, these can be requested using the ‘Submit A Task’ feature in your HubSnacks Platform.

The SnackBar from HubSnacks is a library of over 130 HubSpot Design Prototypes that can be browsed online to find the Template that meets your business objective.

Once a design prototype has been selected, it is a simple process to order this as a Task through your HubSnacks Platform.

You will then receive the built template in your HubSpot Portal within 3 working days.

See the SnackBar here:

HubSnacks Recipe is a group of predefined HubSpot Tasks that can be ordered with a single click to deliver a specific use-case capability.

Examples include:

  • Attract: Blog, SEO Pillar
  • Engage: Book A Meeting, Book A Call, Book A Demo
  • Engage: Content Download, Webinar
  • Delight: NPS, Knowledge Base (Coming Soon)

To discuss how HubSnacks Recipes deliver HubSpot functionality for Book A Meeting/Content Offers/Webinars etc. – book a demo here

These reports can help you decide on SEO tasks you could submit to HubSnacks.

For Concierge Plan customers, your SEO tasks are proactively managed and completed.

Note: We will only complete tasks on HubSpot CMS.

Example Report – (Click on the images to view an example report)


HubSnacks review the HubSpot Portal of all new Users against a predetermined list of fundamental settings to ensure that your HubSpot Portal is configured and optimized correctly.

This will ensure you have the reassurance that your HubSpot setup allows all the functionalities each HubSpot Licence Tier supports to be delivered via our HubSnacks Task model.

Any Critical tasks that are highlighted can be submitted to HubSnacks as tasks for remediation.

The “HubSpot Portal Audit” is delivered within 14 days of signing up to HubSnacks and granting our team access to your HubSpot portal.

This call follows our tried-and-tested method of identifying how using HubSpot’s software and the Inbound Marketing model can best support you in meeting your business objectives.

The areas generally covered include:

  • Task Review: which Tasks are currently in your HubSnacks Portal, the status of each, and any changes to the prioritisation of each one.
  • Task Additions: are there additional Tasks that can be submitted based on the Tasks already submitted.
  • Task Expansion: are there new Tasks that can be submitted to achieve specific business objectives you have.
  • General Questions: HubSnacks will be able to answer any general or specific questions you have on your HubSpot Portal or HubSnacks Platform.

Note: The Monthly Impact Coaching Call is only available to Concierge Plan customers.

HubSnacks can deliver HubSpot-related tasks in WordPress such as installing tracking code or embedding code for forms & CTAs, etc.

We can also replicate your WordPress blog into HubSpot if required.

Due to our sole focus on the HubSpot technology platform however, we are not able to conduct general WordPress work.

Have you considered HubSpot CMS?

CMS Hub Professional is for fast-growing companies who are tired of being held back by clunky content management systems that require heavy maintenance and make it difficult for marketers to get their work done.

If you want to discuss how this may be suitable for your business, please book in for a call with one of our HubSpot Experts here.

HubSnacks do not provide a copywriting service however can populate content where provided. We also have a network of 3rd Party content creation vendors we can suggest you may wish to consider including:


Zerys – HubSpot Certified App Partner

How Zerys integrates with HubSpot

Seamless Content Creation for Your HubSpot Blog. Zerys lets you find pro writers with deep knowledge in your specific industry. Try out new writers any time, risk-free. If you love them, add them to your team. Once you’re happy with a piece of content, transfer it directly to your blog.

Seamless Content Creation, Collaboration and Publication

Find the perfect writer for your industry by searching over 85,000 professional writers. Hire editors to polish your work to perfection. Finally, export your content to your Hubspot portal with one click.

Get 2 Free Blog Posts On HubSnacks

Click the link here and claim your FREE 2 blog posts.

HubSnacks do not provide Graphic Design or creative services. We do however have a network of 3rd Party vendors we can suggest for you to consider including:

Design Pickle

Design Pickle is the ultimate design solution for any size team. They deliver a complete solution for getting the creative content you need – The Graphic Design Cloud. Get matched with a dedicated graphic designer who knows you by name and understands your brand and changing business needs. Design Pickle intuitive platform makes it easy to request and manage your designs.

All Design Pickle plans include a professional designer, unlimited requests, revisions and users — all backed by their extended 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Check them out here:

HubSnacks are focussed solely on helping companies to achieve immediate and ongoing operational improvements to their HubSpot Portal features and functionalities.

This means we have no Task options to submit requests for API or 3rd Party Platform integrations however once the data is in HubSpot, you can request tasks for us create workflows etc.

You should consider this as an option for integrations. 

HubSpot PieSync

PieSync supports both Hubspot CRM as well as Hubspot Marketing.

PieSync integrates HubSpot with other apps for automatic 2-way contacts sync, eliminating import/export! … Everything works smoothly with PieSync. After a 10-minute setup for instance, you could sync contacts between Salesforce and HubSpot.

Start syncing your HubSpot contacts two-way with more than 230 other apps.


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