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Salesforce Experience Cloud Quick Start Package - Quick Strat

Quick Strat


Salesforce Experience Cloud Quick Start Package
$ $,$$$


Salesforce Experience Cloud Quick Start Package

$ 5500

Timeline: Approximately 2-3 Weeks

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Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting

Achieve an unparalleled customer experience with Salesforce Service Cloud

What is a QuickStart Package?

Experience Cloud (also known as Community Cloud) Quick Start package is a pre-built solution designed to help businesses quickly implement the Salesforce Experience Cloud platform. This package includes a suite of features and objects that make it easy to manage real-time data and personalize the customer experience. Experience cloud deliver customer-first digital experiences — from anywhere — on the world’s #1 CRM

With the Experience Cloud Quick Start package, businesses can create a fully-functional digital experience in just 2-3 weeks. It includes pre-built Visualforce pages that allow clients to connect with their partners through Partner Relationship Management, collaborate on cases, get user training, accomplish knowledge, and much more.

Experience Cloud Quick Start package is designed to reduce the complexity of B2B and B2C solutions and increase revenue. Also, it enables businesses to create better feedback loops and fully integrate with their QuickStrat system.

Experience Cloud is an excellent choice for businesses those who want to quickly implement a digital experience platform without the need for extensive development and customization. It also provides businesses with the tools they need to engage their customers and partners through connected digital experiences and gain detailed insights into their community’s performance.

What is included ?

  Partner Profiles, Data visibility set-up

  Channel Manager Profile set-up

  Partner On-boarding

  Lead Distribution

  Partner Portal (using a Salesforce provided template)

  Accounts, Contacts View

  Products, Pricing View

  Deal Registration

  Channel Sales Analytics

  Create and Escalate Support Cases

  View updates on Case

  Access Knowledge Articles, FAQs

  Access Discussion Forums

  Collaborate using Salesforce Chatter

  Collaborate from any device

  Access to Accounts & Contacts

  Employee Internal Cases (Create/Track)

  Configure Additional Custom Objects

  Task Management

  Chatter / Group Access

  Knowledge Management

  Reports & Dashboards

  User Training

Our Approach

Step 1


Discovery & Design

Step 2



Step 3


Training, UAT

Step 4


Production Go-LIVE

Step 5


Build, Internal QA

Salesforce Experience Cloud Quick Start Tools


Simple and effective way to load data into salesforce


Onboard customers faster, all within Salesforce.


A comprehensive field service management for Salesforce


Smart ERP with demand insights to perform end to end business processes

Experience Cloud Quick Start Benefits

Why QuickStrat for Salesforce Experience Cloud?

QuickStrat is a trusted vendor for cloud software deployments with relevant expertise in Salesforce technology, serving over 350 clients globally. By partnering with QuickStrat, clients can simplify and build digital experiences for their customers and partners.

The benefits of working with QuickStrat’s team of Salesforce developers, architects, and administrators include higher engagement, more speed, smart insights, and immediate integration. QuickStrat’s comprehensive, cloud-enabled all-in-one platform allows for end-to-end experience navigation, branding, and customization benefits.

Experienced consultants at QuickStrat have learned to save time and money by working closely with clients and partners over time. They can help build solutions to improve business ROI and boost engagement across stakeholder relationships.

To learn more about QuickStrat’s Experience Cloud capabilities and how they can help you improve your business, reach out to us for any query on Experience Cloud.

It’s in the journey with clients and partners over time, that an experienced consultant learns to save time, money, and hassle. Experience Cloud capabilities include higher engagement, more speed, smart insights, and immediate integration. QuickStrat’s team of Salesforce developers, architects, administrators can help build a solution to improve business ROI. With a simple installation of the experience cloud application for communities, clients have seen a boost in business engagement across their stakeholder relationships. Comprehensive, cloud-enabled all-in-one platform.

For any query on Experience Cloud (formerly called Community CloudContact us today.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Quick Start Package

From an idea to an unforgettable and measurable customer experience

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Salesforce Experience Cloud Quick Start Implementation

The quick start package is designed to get you up and running in a short time, and on a limited budget. Contact us today for a quick start with Experience Cloud implementation.